Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Christmas Glasses

I've been playing around recently with decorating glasses with Polymer Clay, and as Christmas is fast approaching I thought why the hey not.

 I may have got a little carried away with my Snowmen as they have little carrot noses, scarves, hats, coal eyes and buttons and little holly on the hat, so probably not the most practical for actually washing but once I got started I fell in love with them, so I just kept going.

 I also made some Holly glasses. I don't actually have a holly cutter so I made my own with an oval cutter, but cutting an oval and then just cutting overlapping smaller sections so each leaf is unique, adding a little veining and 3 little red balls for berries.

I'm very pleased with how these turned out, and made some candy cane swirled glasses which I shall upload soon and I've also been playing around with some etched designs which I'll try and get up soon too.

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Nat -x-

90th Birthday Invitations

Good Evening All,

So it's my Nan's 90th Birthday this year, and my Mum asked me to whip up some invites for the family, so I thought I would just do something simple, so I did and I was really pleased with how they turned out.

 I just cut out the different 90's using my Cricut and different fonts just to mix it up a little, and cut them out of silver mirror board with gold shadows.
 I embossed straight onto the DL sized cards, the embossing folder didn't reach quite to the bottom of the card so I just put a small border peel off across the dividing sections and added an Invitation peel off on the smooth section, stuck the 90 on and taa daa!!

All finished and ready to go!

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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Creating a Deathstar Wedding Seating Plan

Hi All
I added a post a couple of months back with the Death Star Table Plan I made for my friend's wedding and as I took a lot of piccies while making it I thought I might as well share them.
 So it all started with a beach ball.  This was the 4th base I tried as in true Goldilocks fashion the others were all too big or too small and this one turned out to be just about right in the end. (I believe it was a 36" beach ball if anyone else is interested in creating their own.
 Then it was on with the layers of paper mache, just using good old fashioned flour and water and lots of newspapers.  I did around 3 layers (it's perched on a wine cooler), and then deflated the balloon and took it out and cut a hole around the one that was already there at the base.
 It was originally intended as a Pinata so before I closed it up I cut up ALOT of tissue paper and put inside as well as putting the ribbon up through the top for it to hang through.
 Then I made the laser bit by doing a couple of layers over Paper Mache over a bowl and then hot glued it in place before covering the whole thing again with around another 3 or 4 layers.
 There's the beach ball deflated beside the deathstar.
Once I was happy with the amount of layers and confident that it would be strong enough it was time to paint. So i started off with about 3 layers of a grey primer to cover up the newprint and ensure it wasn't all going to flake off. Then i did a couple of layers of silver metallic paint, obviously letting each layer dry in between.  Then I had different widths of masking tape and roughly followed a deathstar picture I had but pretty much just did what I thought looked right, then it was back out into the garage and sprayed over the whole thing with a darker metallic grey.
And this is what it looked like when all the masking tape was removed, hanging nicely in space on it's trusty coat rack (all very technical stuff)

 Then it was just a case of adding all the details. So I got put some black sating ribbon around the centre, adding the detailing of the laser using a black Sharpie and added lots and lots of dots using a white writer paint so it already has a nozzle and some glitter glue again so it was just a case of tabbing around.

And voila a finished deathstar.  I also added 12 jump rings all around the base and glued them in the holes which is where the table plan hang off when it was in place.

Hope you enjoyed the process

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