Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Paper Mache Heart

Hi All
I was inspired by this post over at A Faithful Attempt when making a heart for my boyf this valentines day. He gave me a heart last year so I thought it was only fitting to return the favour this year.

 I pretty much followed the instructions exactly, but using a mix of flour and water and adding an extra layer of tissue paper after the paper towel and before painting.
 I made the tag using the old Distress Ink favourite of spritz and flick with various colours of brown and tattered the edges.  I printed the sentiment and then traced it using a lightbox and attached it with string which I had also stained with distress ink.
I find the process of paper mache so fascinating, that may just be me though and I have done ever since I was little so at least I'm consistent.

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  1. Beautiful Heart Natalie. I saw this on MIM..Loz

  2. Fabulous project. Thanks for sharing with us at Make it Monday