Wednesday, 1 February 2012

My Shamballa Attempt

I've recently been getting into making beads out of Polymer Clay, all very new and exciting and definitely a work in progress it has to be said!
Then the other day I found a tutorial on Shamballa knotting and thought why not I'll give it a go! I had some lovely thread lying around doing nothing so I combined the two!

 This was my first attempt.  I used white Polymer Clay to make the beads and coloured them using Cosmic Shimmer Mica Powders and working it into the clay before it was baked! These beads were pretty big though so I tried to make some that were a bit smaller:
 These were done in the same way but coloured with Purple Mica Powders instead of Green! I LOVE the colour of this thread!
 These beads were made using Black Polymer Clay and rolling it in Red Mica Powders which gave a slightly subtler sheen then those kneaded into the white clay!

These bronzey beads were made by kneading a bronzey mica powder in, I'm not sure how I feel about this colour though and I also added some black beads just for a bit of contrast!

Not a bad beginning I hope!

Speak Soon
Nat -x-


  1. Oh wow, your bead creations are stunningly creative. Enjoy your new found joy.

  2. Beautiful beads. I love that you have coloured them with micas.
    Sandra x