Friday, 3 February 2012

Silicone Plastique Moulds

Today I received my Silicone Plastique which was amazing in itself as I only ordered it yesterday!! Very very impressed with The Cake Decorating Company!! Speedy stuff!! Anyhoo I read about the moulding putty online a couple of weeks ago and have been umming and aahing and finally decided to go for it and it's SO EXCITING!!

I wanted to make a mould of my logo for Twindividual as I thought it would be a nice idea when it comes to Craft Fair season to give out choccies to customers, however when I love to put my mark on things (quite literally in this sense) but love anything with a logo on (I'm a bit weird)! So anyway I then set about making my logo out of clay! The first attempt was a disaster so decided it would probably work better to cut out a square and then lay the logo bit over the top and this is what I managed:

 I was really really pleased with the finished results and added a little Thank You in the bottom as these will hopefully be for people who have bought from us! Fingers crossed!

 So here is the Silicone Plastique all wrapped up and just out of the pot! It comes with the two parts the Blue and White which create a chemical reaction when mixed together! All clever scientific stuff!
 So you need to get equal amounts of each part and the smoosh and mix them all together
 Here it is mid mix, you need to mix it until it is a uniform colour with no streaks of either white or the darker blue
 Like this taa daa! So then you roll it into a ball to get rid of the creases created from mixing! Or you can put it between plastic and roll it out to a nice thickness
 Then I pushed my design into the putty and waited!! On this first one I had used greaseproof paper as my base! THIS WAS A BAD IDEA as when I pushed the clay into the putty the bottom got all stuck to the greaseproof paper and wouldn't move it came off alright when it had dried but it didn't help much when trying to get a good shaped mold. So I used a cling film base for my second one and that worked much better!
Here are the two together still drying, here they had dried enough that i could move the first one (left) onto the cling film too bur you can see how much thinner around the edges that one is where I couldn't move it cause it had got stuck to the greaseproof compared to the one on the right.

 And here they are Mold made!! SO COOL!! I am so excited to try these out! Need to go and get some chocolate first though!

I shall post again when some chocolate versions have been made so you can see how they turn out!! Woo hoo, it's just such a satisfying experience when it all turns to rubber and the impression is exposed!!

Speak Soon
Nat -x-

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